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DENTAL CHAIR 700 x 345 p

All of our dental repairs are carried out under the direct supervision of Phillip McCann, a qualified Clinical Dental Technician.

How do you benefit from dealing directly with a Clinical Dental Technician?

Our speciality is dentures and denture care. Unlike standard technicians, Clinical Technicians are trained and qualified to assist patients through the whole process from initial consultation, assessment, design, construction, fit, and most importantly aftercare.

Our expertise lies in the fabrication of beautiful, perfectly-crafted and natural-looking dentures. Some of the most important parts of that expertise involves having an in-depth knowledge of dental concerns like oral physiology or jaw and bite function. These areas of expertise, among others, make up a significant part of the Clinical Dental Technicians training which gives us the special qualifications needed to carry out all denture procedures and practices.

But here’s what makes dealing directly with a Clinical Dental Technician even more beneficial!

Dentists generally outsource denture fabrication to labs like ours at DenturesPlus. In doing so, important instructions or information can be misinterpreted along the way causing unnecessary delays, upsets, and even ill-fitting dentures.

When you deal directly with a Clinical Dental Technician you know you’re working one-on-one with the professional who is handling your dentures from start to finish. Being able to consult directly with your specialist every time you visit gives you peace of mind knowing that your denture care is in the best possible hands.

If you are looking for perfect dentures or expert denture repairs then give us a call today. At Dentures Plus we guarantee you a personal, one-to-one experience and a beautiful smile.

Got any questions?

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